Monday, August 30, 2010

St.Lawrence River visiting Alexandria Bay

The St.Lawrence River is famous for small mouth and large mouth bass fishing. Both Alex Bay and Clayton downtown districts are designated by the U.S. Federal Registry as Historic with buildings and houses from the late 1800s. The entire area along the St.Lawrence river is where you can fish for northern pike, walleye and muskie. If you don't have a boat there are several marina's that rent out fishing boats. Fall fishing is great after the rive has quited down from the summer boat traffic.
Fisherman can buy bait and obtain their fishing licenses at the 1000 island bait store located near the 1000 island bridge to Canada. Many of the marina's also sell bait and fishing licenses. Also located near the bridge is the 1000 island winery which has a large selection of wines from the region. We visited there and purchased some very nice tasting wine.
Another great attraction is the Uncle Sam boat tour in Alexandria bay. There are several different tours you can take around the river and see all the different islands. Many of the island have homes owned by movie stars and millionaires from around the world. Make sure if you take a tour to visit Singer Castle on Dark Island there have been several movies shot in the castle.
 Both Clayton and Alexandria Bay are located on the St. Lawrence River and a short distance across the river is Canada. If you decide to visit Canada make sure you have a current pass port.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

St.Lawrence river Mary Island camping

If you want to get away from everyday life camping on Mary Island is the place to do it.
The north side of Mary island has some nice cliffs to dive off to go swimming in the St.Lawrence river.
Camping out on Mary Island State Park St.Lawrence river.
If you need to get away and camp then I would suggest Mary Island in
upstate New York .It is secluded and the only way to reach there is by boat.
Mary Island State Park is located across from Alexandria Bay New York. The camp sites are primitive with no running water or electric. This makes it great to
get back to nature.
Mary Island is beautiful and secluded even though Alexandria bay is just a mile away across the
St.Lawrence river, with plenty of stores and restaurants.
You need to take plenty of light weight camping gear a tent, a
sleeping bag, a cooler with ice and dining utensils along with food and water to get you set up to camp. There are bathrooms but make sure to take along plenty of toilet paper.
You can set camp on the high point just off the docks on the north side
of the island the sunsets are breathtaking. After you set up your tents make sure to keep all food in a chest or inside the tents. The squirrels just love to get into the food if your away. This can happened and they will eat all your food.Take extra batteries and fuel for your lanterns. There is a charge for docking and camping which is collected. Picture of Bolt Castle ,Mary's island is just North of the castle.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Singer castle St.Lawrence River

The Drawing Room features elk, caribou, deer and moose mounted on the four walls. A picture on one of the walls tips back so the host could watch from the secret passageway. Different grates were hidden in the walls and were used by servant's to watch the millionaire guests, and as rumor has it to signal to the owner what cards the players had when playing poker.
Singer Castle is the only castle on the river to be completed, it is fully furnished and resided in. The Castle remained in the possession of the original Bourne family from its construction in 1905 until the mid 1960's.

Singer castle is complete with dungeons, turrets, labyrinths, and many secret passageways. Singer castle was designed by Ernest Flagg for Singer Sewing Machine Company president Frederick Bourne. There are many different room to see and enjoy with antiques and valuables.
A dozen guests or more would stay at Singer Castle and each guest would have 2 or 3 servants assigned to them it was truly for the rich and famous.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Small mouth bass fishing off Carleton Island,St.Lawrence River

Small mouth bass fishing off Carleton Island located in the St Lawrence River in upstate New York. It was the location of Fort Haldimand, controlled by the British during the American Revolution, and of great strategic importance, as well as being a center of shipbuilding. The ruins of the fort can still be seen at the southwest end of the island. Projecting from the location of the fort is Government Point, notched by two small bays. Houses on the island are serviced by ferry from the mainland, the nearest town being Cape Vincent, New York.

My son and I were fishing in forty feet of water off the green buoy down river from Carleton Island . We both hooked a small mouth bass at the same time. When we got the bass to the boat we had both hooked the same bass. I forgot to take a picture but have never seen one bass hit two different lines at the same time.