Sunday, August 22, 2010

St.Lawrence river Mary Island camping

If you want to get away from everyday life camping on Mary Island is the place to do it.
The north side of Mary island has some nice cliffs to dive off to go swimming in the St.Lawrence river.
Camping out on Mary Island State Park St.Lawrence river.
If you need to get away and camp then I would suggest Mary Island in
upstate New York .It is secluded and the only way to reach there is by boat.
Mary Island State Park is located across from Alexandria Bay New York. The camp sites are primitive with no running water or electric. This makes it great to
get back to nature.
Mary Island is beautiful and secluded even though Alexandria bay is just a mile away across the
St.Lawrence river, with plenty of stores and restaurants.
You need to take plenty of light weight camping gear a tent, a
sleeping bag, a cooler with ice and dining utensils along with food and water to get you set up to camp. There are bathrooms but make sure to take along plenty of toilet paper.
You can set camp on the high point just off the docks on the north side
of the island the sunsets are breathtaking. After you set up your tents make sure to keep all food in a chest or inside the tents. The squirrels just love to get into the food if your away. This can happened and they will eat all your food.Take extra batteries and fuel for your lanterns. There is a charge for docking and camping which is collected. Picture of Bolt Castle ,Mary's island is just North of the castle.

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