Monday, August 9, 2010

Small mouth bass fishing off Carleton Island,St.Lawrence River

Small mouth bass fishing off Carleton Island located in the St Lawrence River in upstate New York. It was the location of Fort Haldimand, controlled by the British during the American Revolution, and of great strategic importance, as well as being a center of shipbuilding. The ruins of the fort can still be seen at the southwest end of the island. Projecting from the location of the fort is Government Point, notched by two small bays. Houses on the island are serviced by ferry from the mainland, the nearest town being Cape Vincent, New York.

My son and I were fishing in forty feet of water off the green buoy down river from Carleton Island . We both hooked a small mouth bass at the same time. When we got the bass to the boat we had both hooked the same bass. I forgot to take a picture but have never seen one bass hit two different lines at the same time.

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