Sunday, July 30, 2017

St. Lawrence Walleye Association

The St. Lawrence Walleye Association is hosting four tournaments this summer: the Members only Tournament was held on June 18th, the Fishing with a Sponsor Tournament was held on July 15, the SLRWA Walleye Challenge will be held on Aug. 5 from the Massena Intake Boat Launch (see Hooks and Antlers on Page B2) and the Fall Classic will be held on Sept. 16.
The St. Lawrence Valley Sportsmen’s Club holds an Opening Weekend Walleye Tournament an Opening Weekend Smallmouth Bass Tournament.
“Things continue to go very well and we have been helped a great deal of help from the Lake Champlain Walleye Association which receives funds from the State of Vermont and is doing tremendous things,” said Gagner.
“We had a great stocking year. Doug McLean does an outstanding job managing our ponds and there is a great deal to it. And we had no cannibalism in the ponds this year.”

Friday, July 7, 2017

carp in Quebec

The ministry says very concerned about the appearance of the grass carp in Quebec and feared that the other three species of asian carp can also come and look after our waterways.
The MFFP has confirmed last spring that they have detected the carp in no less than 16 areas along the St. Lawrence river.
To combat the spread of the unwanted fish, the department announced last February that the ban on the use of live bait fish during the winter period, in the framework of sport fishing.