Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pike fishing

I found that the book was generally very informative. I have fished northerns extensively with a great variation of methods. I have a few suggestions for the next book. I think that the book didn't pay enough attention to live bait fishing. I believe that live bait needs to be covered more. I was particularly glad to see the dead bait section and all of the rigs for using both live and dead bait. (I always thought that it was interesting how a pike would hit a chub long after it died.) A second thing that I believe would further enhance the completeness of the book is to inform the readers how to catch how to catch monster pike in the canadian north during the SUMMER and not just the spring. I have found that during this period fishing techniques differ greatly. Other than that I found the book to be an exellent resource and tool to use both as a beginner and an advanced fisherman.
Discover the pro secrets for catching more and bigger pike.
Reverently called the Water Wolf, the northern pike is one of the most exciting freshwater game fish, because it fiercely strikes lures like it hasn't eaten in weeks. These ferocious predators can reach over 4 feet in length and weigh in excess of 40 pounds. The hard-hitting pike ranges from New England through the northern plains to the Rocky Mountains, and all across Canada.
In this expertly written book, pro angler Jack Penny describes how to prepare for unforgettable adventures in fishing for, and catching, trophy pike. He covers tackle and equipment, lures and baits, pike behavior, fishing strategies by season, biology, weather conditions, and techniques for safely releasing fish—and for keeping a few “eaters” for dinner. This must-read book includes all the information a beginner needs, plus valuable tips and techniques for the more experienced angler.
How to catch pike

Sunday, April 22, 2012

St. Lawrence River largemouth bass

You can fish for bass in the Lake of the Isles on the  St. Lawrence River   St. Lawrence River has outstanding bass fishing for residents and bass fishinermen.When you visit this part of New York make sure you fish the Lake of the Isles. The Lake of the Isles in upstate New York is one of the largest inland bay fishing spots on the St. Lawrence River. This lake area is  unique in the area because of its limited excess to the St. Lawrence River.  There are large beds of lily pads and weed banks  with very clear water that offers fine bass fishing. The area is also out of the strong winds that blow up the waves and make it tough to fish for bass,  the shoreline areas are full of down trees and tree limbs,this creates great conditions for spawning and catching largemouth bass.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tug Boat Fire St. Lawrence River

In the overnight hours of March 27, the 105-foot tug Patrice McAllister, en route from Toledo, Ohio to the East Coast, caught fire. Crews from the US and Canadian Coast Guards would respond just after 2 a.m. to find the vessel completely in flames and crew members in the water. The Chief Engineer, who was stationed in the engine room where the fire began, would suffer the worst injuries of the 6 crew members, later resulting in his death.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Wood chime for your river house

Tropical in appearance and natural in sound bamboo wind chimes are a real treat for any patio. You'll love the soft tones that resonate from these fun, casual chimes. A bamboo wind chime is wonderful on the back porch.
Bamboo wind chime
Our bamboo products offer beauty, strength and stability while displaying all of the eco-friendly benefits of a sustainable resource. As the fastest growing plant on Earth, bamboo plays an important role in the reduction of timber consumption, promoting environmental preservation and forest protection throughout the world. The production of bamboo serves as a means to alleviate poverty in rural economies and to provide a useable resource for eco-friendly consumers. The bamboo is plenty strong to hold the weight that a typical bunk bed is subjected to and it is lighter than a similar design using more traditional hardwood. Even though bamboo poles are becoming more popular there are not many local retailers that carry the product.