Friday, October 15, 2010

Northern Pike fishing St lawrence River

There are cold times during the open-water period that can be considered prime for big pike. Each month until the ice forms lasts from 10 to 14 days. Try pike fishing  before a water body turns over in the fall. During the pre-turnover period big pike come out of the deep water as the shallow water cools.  Target six to twelve feet deep. Use 3 or 4-inch spoon  red-and-white daredevil or red-and-yellow if yellow perch are present . Overcast days, use bright silver or gold spoons.

 Use medium-weight bait casting gear with a 15-pound-test line and a 12-inch wire leader.The St. lawrence river can be Cold,and have windy days which are excellent for pike fishing with a yellow body lure. Large spinner baits are popular fall trolling lures. In discolored water use black spinner bait. Trolling covers more water and allows you to find fish faster.

Fishermen can try backtrolling slowly over the vegetation, with 25 to 35 feet of line out. Backtrolling allows more depth control. Position the line at a 45-degree angle towards the water with a lure set just above the vegetation.  when you see an opening in the weeds, drop the rod tip and let the lure settle into it. Use polarized sunglasses so you can see these pockets.Fishermen try spinnerbaits over the tops of the weeds while backtrolling.Pike will bite large suckers and shiners.