Saturday, November 19, 2016

Thousand Island Park

 You can ride on a tour boat or rent a houseboat in Alexandria Bay New York. Watch hulking ocean-going freighters pass along the St. Lawrence Seaway. Go scuba diving to look at underwater shipwrecks. Attend vesper services by boat. Take a shuttle boat to shop at the Boateak on Bluff Island or a ferry to dine at an inn on Wolfe Island. Stay overnight at a B&B on a boat or an island. Camp in a cabin on Canoe Island or a tent on Mary Island, and island-hop between campsites in Canada's St. Lawrence National Park.
  You can visit North America's largest freshwater maritime museum, see first-rate theater at a playhouse beside the water, visit a nature center on Wellesley Island, reminisce in the Victorian homes and ambiance of Thousand Island Park, relive the past on Wolfe Island, and enjoy the local Thousand Island salad dressing and River Rat cheese.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Singer Castle on Dark Island, is located on the St. Lawrence Seaway

Singer castleWhen we pull up to the dock there is a gift shop and Singer Castle Guides forming groups for to take you around. You walk up a fairly steep incline to these gigantic medieval wooden doors passage ways and guest quarters. The great room has a large rock fireplace, grey rock and granite walls, with real suits of armor in the corners,mirrors place on the end walls make the room look twice its size.
Singer Castle 's has a huge medieval entrance with Knights of Armor in a great room with a granite and marble fireplace. A small and beautiful staircase leads up to the dining rooms and servant areas with large windows frames with breathtaking views of the St. Lawrence River .You can see the St.Lawrence Seaway and the grounds from these windows.
The Drawing Room features elk, caribou, deer and moose mounted on the four walls. A picture on one of the walls tips back so the host could watch from the secret passageway. Different grates were hidden in the walls and were used by servant's to watch the millionaire guests, and as rumor has it to signal to the owner what cards the players had when playing poker.