Monday, June 28, 2010

St.Lawrence river in upstate New York Bass Fishing

I have fished for bass in the St.Lawrence river all my life.The St.Lawrence river in upstate New York is one of the best bass and pike fishing rivers in the world.Bass and pike fishing from Alexandria Bay to Clayton New York is great as long as you know where to fish.

Lets start with finding the smallmouth bass.You can ask some of the local fisherman or try and find them yourself.I  suggest that your boat is equipped with a fish finder or depth finder.The first places to check out are shoals that are about15 to 30 feet below the surface with deep water off there edges.You want to anchor your boat upriver to the shoal,upriver meaning the current is heading downriver toward the ocean.The St Lawrence river is full of shoals and a good topo map can help in locating them.The bass are deep in August and September,shallow in late June and July as the water warms up the bass will move to deeper water.One thing to remember is that the St.Lawrence river has very clear water so light line is a must.Smallmouth bass prefer swift water around rocks and shoals while largemouth bass in the St.Lawrence river tend to stay shallow around weed beds and lily pads.
How to rig your fishing pole is important.Use a small to medium hook with a light split shot sinker, 6 to 8 pound line on a medium action pole.We do not use snap swivels but tie the line to the hook its best to use doubly gut hooks.The sinker should be about 3 feet up the line from the hook to give the live bait,night crawler or minnow plenty of room to move around along the bottom.You make your cast upriver and let the bait sink and bounce along the top of the shoal.You must cast upriver this is key.The deeper the spot you are fishing might require a heaver split shot sinker.

Friday, June 25, 2010

St.Lawrence river small mouth bass fishing

Smallmouth often prefer outrageously colored topwaters, including chartreuse and orange. More about lure colors.

Always have a follow-up bait lure for missed strikes (such as grubs, gitzits and worms). Sometimes a bass will strike at a top water several times without connecting. When this happens, a plastic worm or jig immediately cast to the same area will often hook the fish.
Fish most top waters with a fine-wire cross-locking snap. Minnow baits are especially prone to sluggish action without them.
Lightweight wooden top waters including minnows should be fished on light line for greater casting distance and improved action. Lures with violent action such as stick baits should be fished on 12 or 14 pound test line, which will provide the right action without tangling in the lures hooks.
Sometimes no action is the best action. A simple minnow lure or stick bait allowed to sit still for long periods can produce a strike. St.Lawrence river small mouth will be in shallow water this time of year

Saturday, June 12, 2010

St.lawrence River fishing weed beds

Weed beds and structure, such as sunken islands or steep drop offs near shoals, these are a great to start fishing on a lake or river that is new to you.These are areas that hold baitfish and pike and bass will stay near this type of cover.
If you are new to an area along the river, the best advice is to move up near other fishermen, Or talk to bait shops about hot fishing spots. They hear all the latest fishing spots from anglers buying minnows and other baits.
You can also purchase depth charts of the river which will show drop offs and structure that might hold fish. Charts can be found in most bait shops. Deep water off drop offs or near weed beds can be productive for pike seeking warmer waters or for bass to hide looking to feed on bait fish.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Niagara falls

They also offer the Maid of the Mist boat cruise which will take you to the whirlpools and bottom of Niagara falls. The water flow on the American side of the falls is much less in strength because of Goat Island, whereas Horseshoe Falls has no obstruction to divert it. The view of Niagra and Horseshoe falls is breathtaking. Be prepared to get soaked and keep your cameras covered. Continue reading about the falls.

Smallmouth bass fishing in the St.lawrence river

Smallmouth bass fishing in the St.lawrence river is world famous. Finding out what their diet and feeding habit is can help you win half the battle already! By using this information you have on them, you will also be able to choose the exact fishing lines and lures that will no doubt make your fishing trip much easier and rewarding. The bass tend to stay shallow in the early part of summer then move into deep water after the river warms up. Bounce a live worm along the top of the shoals can produce some good results for small mouth bass.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Singer castle St.Lawrence River

Singer castle is complete with dungeons, turrets, labyrinths, and many secret passageways. Singer castle was designed by Ernest Flagg for Singer Sewing Machine Company president Frederick Bourne. There are many different room to see and enjoy with antiques and valuables.

A dozen guests or more would stay at Singer Castle and each guest would have 2 or 3 servants assigned to them it was truly for the rich and famous.

Alexandria Bay

One of the best time of the year to visit is July 4th. The fireworks are great to watch from a boat or across the river in Alexandria Bay. Both Clayton and Alexandria Bay are located on the St. Lawrence River and a short distance across the river is Canada. If you decide to visit Canada make sure you have a current pass port.Another great attraction is the Uncle Sam boat tour in Alexandria bay. There are several different tours you can take around the river and see all the different islands. Many of the island have homes owned by movie stars and millionaires from around the world. Make sure if you take a tour to visit Singer Castle on Dark Island there have been several movies shot in the castle.