Friday, June 25, 2010

St.Lawrence river small mouth bass fishing

Smallmouth often prefer outrageously colored topwaters, including chartreuse and orange. More about lure colors.

Always have a follow-up bait lure for missed strikes (such as grubs, gitzits and worms). Sometimes a bass will strike at a top water several times without connecting. When this happens, a plastic worm or jig immediately cast to the same area will often hook the fish.
Fish most top waters with a fine-wire cross-locking snap. Minnow baits are especially prone to sluggish action without them.
Lightweight wooden top waters including minnows should be fished on light line for greater casting distance and improved action. Lures with violent action such as stick baits should be fished on 12 or 14 pound test line, which will provide the right action without tangling in the lures hooks.
Sometimes no action is the best action. A simple minnow lure or stick bait allowed to sit still for long periods can produce a strike. St.Lawrence river small mouth will be in shallow water this time of year

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