Wednesday, May 21, 2014

landed a monster muskellunge

"To maximize our fishing we ventured out to Ogdensburg about 15 miles from Black Lake on the St Lawrence River and on our last day of vacation the magic happened!
"All through the week the northern pike and bass (large and small) were biting any Rapala stick bait we tossed into the water. And as they say, big water means big fish.
"An hour into fishing, I hooked into the fish of a lifetime! Surprisingly only a 10-minute fight and using the biggest net my local Gander Mountain sold, we landed a monster muskellunge.
"Stretching the tape, she measured a whopping 55 inches long with a girth of 24 inches. No scales available but muskie says a fish that size would weigh approx 40 pounds and be 15 to 20 years old. (The state record, set by Arthur Lawton back in 1957 on the St.Lawrence River, weighed 69 pounds and 15 ounces.)