Saturday, June 18, 2011

Camping Out

When you go camping and getting out in the great outdoors it needs to be fun and with no equipment stress. Choosing the right camping equipment can make your camping experience more relaxing. Buying the right tent is important for your comfort.
Here are a few fix it thoughts to pick the right tent for camping out.  You have found the location for your camp out you hopefully you have the right tent to put up and sleep in. You need to know what time of year and weather you will be camping in. You need to know how many people and children will be sleeping in each tent. kids many times like to sleep and play in their own tents. Make sure to check out canopy tents they are easy to carry and are easy to pack and put up. You can spray on some silicon water proofing on the out side of the tent. This will help keep out water if it rains. If you are camping in an area that gets allot of rain you should take along a light weight tarp and put it over the top of the tent and stake it to the ground around the outside of the tent. You should dig a small trench and let rain water flow away from the tent.
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