Wednesday, June 21, 2017

New York Camping Guide

St. Lawrence River there are many campgrounds along the St. Lawrence River, Lake Ontario, Finger Lakes and countless smaller lakes or ponds in Central NY.
Designated campsites at state campgrounds usually offer swimming, fishing, hiking, playgrounds for kids and more. Usually there is a variety of wildlife there or nearby. For example two of the campgrounds we frequent have ospreys while another has a pair of bald eagles. In campgrounds operated by OPR a certain number of sites usually have electric hookups, while there are none in DEC campgrounds.
 Both OPR and DEC campgrounds are listed in a booklet “New York Camping Guide” with lots of information on facilities found at each. You can obtain this guide as well as get information online by visiting the website Reservations can be made by going though Reserve America at 1-800-456 CAMP or

Friday, June 16, 2017

Boating Bill

The first is was the announcement that on June 12th. Bill S233, known as the Boating Bill, passed through its third reading in the House of Commons.  It passed on an open voice vote. This means that US boaters traveling through Canadian waters, not planning on anchoring, rafting to another boat in Canadian waters or landing on a Canadian island or mainland, may do so without calling into Canadian Customs.  A similar Bill was introduced and passed through the Canadian Senate by Senator Bob Runciman (Brockville). As Brown explained when interviewed on CBC Radio, “One reason for the change is easing the minds of boaters who may drift across the border during their travels without realizing it.”  He also hoped that commerce on both sides of the border would revive.  Many of us remember when a US boater was arrested and fined for not reporting into to customs.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Bass Fishing Opens June 17

One of the most popular spots for bass fishermen will be the St. Lawrence River. Even though the shallow weedy bays provide good fishing for largemouths, it is the smallmouth bass that will attract the most attention. Anglers come from all over the state and even other states for the great fishing that the St. Lawrence has to offer.
Normally by opening weekend the bass will have spawned but still be in shallow water. However this year with the cold weather and high water levels, the waters of the St. Lawrence River and eastern Lake Ontario are still in the upper 50 degree range so bass in these areas will not have spawned yet.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Northern pike

Northern pike remain one of the prize sport fish. Changing conditions on the river usually mean that the pike are in deeper water and more widely scattered than in past years, but when you hook one you will agree that they are worth the effort. Due to poor spawning success in recent years the new regulations in effect this year set a creel limit of three pike.
Smallmouth bass are always one of the most exciting fish to catch. The myriad of granite structures and river currents provide great habitat. Clearer water means that you will probably use deep water tactics like jigging or live bait for much of the summer but smallmouth provide great sport no matter what technique you use.