Sunday, August 15, 2010

Singer castle St.Lawrence River

The Drawing Room features elk, caribou, deer and moose mounted on the four walls. A picture on one of the walls tips back so the host could watch from the secret passageway. Different grates were hidden in the walls and were used by servant's to watch the millionaire guests, and as rumor has it to signal to the owner what cards the players had when playing poker.
Singer Castle is the only castle on the river to be completed, it is fully furnished and resided in. The Castle remained in the possession of the original Bourne family from its construction in 1905 until the mid 1960's.

Singer castle is complete with dungeons, turrets, labyrinths, and many secret passageways. Singer castle was designed by Ernest Flagg for Singer Sewing Machine Company president Frederick Bourne. There are many different room to see and enjoy with antiques and valuables.
A dozen guests or more would stay at Singer Castle and each guest would have 2 or 3 servants assigned to them it was truly for the rich and famous.

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