Thursday, May 25, 2017

Lake sturgeon

Lake sturgeon are listed as a threatened species in New York. Therefore, there is no open fishing season, and possession is prohibited. Anglers are likely to encounter sturgeon during the spring when the fish gather to spawn on clean gravel or cobble shoals and in stream rapids. Sturgeon spawn in New York state in May and June when water temperatures reach 55°F to 64°F.
Anglers should not intentionally target these protected fish. If an angler catches a sturgeon, they should fish another area or change fishing gear to avoid catching another. Anglers who unintentionally hook one should follow these practices to ensure the fish are returned to the water unharmed:
  • Avoid bringing the fish into the boat, if possible
  • Use pliers to remove the hook; sturgeon are almost always hooked in the mouth
  • Always support the fish horizontally; do not hold sturgeon in a vertical position by their head, gills or tails
  • Never touch their eyes or gills
  • Minimize their time out of the water and return the fish to the water immediately once freed from fishing gear

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