Sunday, June 29, 2014

Caiger's and target bass

Bass season in Ontario now opens the third Saturday in June, and Banditelli said that anglers who targeted the smaller channels had outstanding success using topwater baits in general and soft baits such as YUM Frogs in particular. One factor that makes topwater fishing so effective in kayaks is the ability to slip undetected by drifting into the heavy cover and making short casts that decrease the chance of hang-ups on the retrieve that often create strikes at the kayak in the final turns of the retrieve.
Anglers who regularly fish out of Caiger's and target bass in the channels soon learn how effective using spinnerbaits are in locating and catching bass. Newcomers usually give up on these baits because of the amount of weeds that are snagged, but the secret of success is to use a horizontal presentation - almost as if jigging - and to crimp the barb to reduce snags.

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