Friday, July 29, 2011

Lake of the Isles St. Lawrence River

There are smallmouth bass,bluegill,northern pike,pan fish and yellow perch all in this area. Lake of the Isles holds large populations of these game fish., and it has a great reputation for its largemouth bass population.

Many trophy size bass have been taken in the Lake of the Isles including the St. Lawrence River largemouth bass record. Lake of the Isles brings in pro fishermen and new fisherman from the Thousand Islands region after the season starts around June 21st.
Many anglers also like the Lake of the Isles for its excellent year round fishing for pike and all types of pan fish. To get to the area for recreational fishing you can boat from De Wolf Point State Park or Alexandria Bay New York. It can be reached by boating around Wesley island and heading south east up the river. If you not familiar with the area just ask someone at the boat docks and they will give you directions.
If you decide to visit the area to fish you should try to fish on the weekdays as the weekend tend to bring out the party boats and it makes the bass to finicky with all the boat traffic.

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