Thursday, July 8, 2010

St. Lawrence river

The water is clearer however we have low water levels on the St. Lawrence river so far this year and fishing is great. The bass and pike are always looking to feed and make catching them easierer. Because the zebra mussels have cleared up the water, weed beds provide good cover for bass and pike, shoals offer good bass fishing this time of year. Both the largemouths and smallmouths are on the rocks and weed beds.

While the bass may be both larger and more abundant bass are still found in the same areas discovered and fished by the fishing guides and experienced fishermen. In the St. Lawrence river, many fishing spots include the Lake of the Isles, Goose Bay, Chippewa Bay, and the rocky coves,shoals and points around the Admiralty Islands. Live bait is a good choice drifted over the rocks and shoals and along weed beds.The St Lawrence river is between northern New York and Ontario. The St.Lawrence River is a nice place to vacation and fish.

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