Saturday, May 15, 2010

Northern pike Walleye Fishing St.Lawrence River

Spawning habitat for northern pike in the St.Lawrence river, primarily shallow wetlands, have been depleted because of changing water levels following the construction of various dams along the river.Northern Pike/Walleye
Northern pike fishing can be enjoyed almost year-round. In winter, ice fishermen take good catches from bays near Cape Vincent, Clayton, Wellesley Island, Alexandria Bay, Wheat house Bay (downstream from Ogdensburg) and Coles Creek using tip-ups with large minnows. During spring, shallow weedy bays and shoals are places where northern pike anglers do well. As a rule, bays that provided action for ice fishermen will do the same for open water anglers. In addition to those areas already mentioned, the Bays of Grindstone Island, Grasse Point, Goose Bay and off Oak Point are also good spots during spring and summer. Trolling or casting with live bait (especially minnows and shiners), large spoons and large plugs as well as jigging with black or yellow jigs will bring in good catches.

Zebra mussels have helped change the water quality of the river, resulting in clearer water, while removing vital nutrients, as well as the smaller organisms that fish consume.

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