Saturday, May 15, 2010

Catfish blood bait

Catfishermen have long made or bought blood baits to tempt persnickety fish. Almost any mammal or bird blood will work, but most anglers use chicken or beef blood obtained from meat processing plants.
To make your own blood bait, pour half an inch of blood in a shallow pan, then refrigerate or pack in cracked ice until the blood coagulates. The thickened blood is then cut into chunks and stored in a suitable container. When needed, a piece is pinched off and threaded on a hook.
Blood attracts cats quickly over long distances. Blood also keeps indefinitely when frozen. Bait can be thawed and refrozen as needed. Blood bait's most serious drawback is poor "hook ability" it won't stay on a hook very well. Try wrapping the blood bait in a small square of nylon stocking, pull the four corners together, then thread the hook through the corners, leaving the point uncovered.

Sutton readily acknowledges that other baits are effective on channel catfish. "If you're catching catfish on a bait not discussed here, stick with it. But when other baits fail to produce, give fish, blood bait, nightcrawlers and catalpa worms a try."Catfishermen Click Here!

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